Crypto Consulting

We live in a rapidly changing world, where solutions that are safe today, may no longer be safe tomorrow. Nowadays most of the confidential data is stored and shared on-line, which means that to keep it secure it is crucial to constantly have the most updated cryptographic solutions. 

We support our customers in obtaining that by providing them with:

Initial Cryptography Audit

The initial cryptography audit consists of:

  • Thoroughly checking system architecture
  • Analysing cryptography libraries used
  • Identifying all communications devices with vulnerable protocols
  • Analysing crypto algorithms used (in case of using customer’s own algorithms)
  • Determining sensitivity of the information that is being protected

The audit is followed by recommendation including:

  • How to fix vulnerabilities and avoid potential threats
  • Which elements will no longer be recommended and need replacement
  • What to replace them with, how to do that and when is the right time for that
  • How those changes will impact your organisation
  • When is the right time for you to switch to Post-Quantum Cryptography
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Subscribed Crypto-Support 

We care about cyber safety of our customers and want them to always use up to date solutions.  Therefore, our services also include continuous cryptographic support in the form of constant monitoring of the changing worldwide crypto environment and recommending right actions whenever there is a need for them. The support includes i.a.:

  • Monitoring and analysis of cyberattacks on cryptography libraries
  • Following worldwide cryptographic organisations and their recommendations
  • Observing used standards and their performance  
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Support in Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

Sooner or later every company will need to replace their public-key cryptography with post-quantum standards. Migrating to PQC is a complicated and time-consuming process, where many important factors need to be considered. Through our thorough analysis, our PQC experts will assist you throughout the whole process providing:

  • Intense training on post-quantum cryptography transition and standards for board members, project managers and programmers (3 different tracks)
  • Analysis of where and for what the public-key cryptography algorithms need to be replaced 
  • Determination of the use characteristics  
  • Identification of differences between legacy algorithms and new ones, such as key size, signature size, error handling properties, number of execution steps required to perform the algorithm, key establishment process complexity, etc.
  • Support in selection of replacement algorithms
  • Other operational considerations to accelerate adoption and implementation across the organization
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