Cryptography training with the focus on migration to post-quantum standards

Our courses will provide you with necessary background in the area of post-quantum crypto. No technical skills are required for full understanding for our initial course, some basic mathematical and computer knowledge is necessary for the supplementary course.

Post-quantum cryptography initial course

This course is an introduction to post-quantum cryptography, focused on the main issues e.g., source of the problem, status of the NIST standardization program and impact on current cryptographic primitives. This course is the best option for decisive people, board members and system architects. The course will provide them necessary background in the area of post-quantum crypto and no technical skills are required for full understanding. Topics include:

  • Quantum threat for cryptography – status of the pursuit for building a full-scale quantum computer and its possible impact on cryptography.
  • Algorithms that need to be replaced – algorithms no longer safe when facing adversary with quantum computer running Shor’s and Groover’s algorithms and their usual usage.
  • Intact algorithms – still safe to use, even in quantum computing era.
  • Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms – their types, features and problems.
  • Impact of the PQC on system performance.
  • NIST Post-quantum Cryptography (NIST PQC) – results of NIST standardization program for post-quantum crypto
  • Available PQC standards for key encapsulation mechanism and digital signature.
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Post-quantum cryptography extended course

This course is supplementary material for initial course. It extends almost every topic for better understanding and present more technical view on the problem. Course require basic mathematical and computer knowledge. This course is the best option for project managers and people, who will put their hands on implementing PQC in their infrastructure. Topics include

  • Lattices – definition, problems and their application in cryptography
  • Lattice-bases algorithms with examples
  • Hash-based algorithms
  • MQ-based algorithms
  • Code-based algorithms
  • Common problems with PQC
  • Impact of the PQC on key sizes, encryption time and datagram sizes
  • Applications of PQC algorithms
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