Cryptography Accelerator:
IP Core for FPGA

FPGA IP core implementation of a various cryptographic algorithms, including new, post-quantum standards, available as customizable cryptographic accelerator and individual modules.

Customizable cryptographic accelerator

Developed to protect electronic devices against attacks with quantum computer, by using post-quantum standards recommended by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for secure end-to-end encryption.


Equipped with post-quantum cryptography

Side-channel protected (in progress)

Modules are proven to be secure against side channel attacks


Tunable performance, area, and power consumption
Large set of supported algorithms
Can be extended with user’s own algorithm

Multiplatform development capabilities

Available as standalone module
IP core
RISC-V extension

Area of application

Our cryptographic accelerator can be tailored to different markets, including, but not limited to:

Routers, VPN and Tor

Accelerates various network layers


Enables secure communication with drone and drone-to-drone,
Two side mutual authentication
Encrypted video streaming

Intelligent road infrastructure

Dedicated to vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
High assurance user authentication
Requires only milliseconds to perform operations

Industry 4.0

Secures production proces
Resistant against atacks with generic malware

Med Tech

Small size
Low power consuption
Can be mounted in wereable equipment
Secures the most confidential personal data

Any other area required by the customer

Our flexibility enables us to adapt our solution to any type of device

Individual modules

Individual modules implementing wide range of algorithms, inlcuding post-quantum cryptography standards

Digital Signature
(including NIST post-quantum standards)


Public Key Cryptography
(including NIST post-quantum standards)


Block/Stream Ciphers


Random Number Generation



TLS 1.3 (including ChaCha20-Poly1305)

Hash functions

SHA3 Family

Logos of European funds