Stay secure in the era of quantum computers

Post-quantum encryption and secure architecture for electronical devices


ResQuant is a deep-tech, cybersecurity company operating on the border of science and business. We exist to protect sensitive data worldwide from current and future threats.
Our products

Cryptography Accelerator: IP Core for FPGA

FPGA IP Core implementation of a various cryptographic algorithms, inluding new, post-quantum standards. Our IP Core is available as:

Customizable cryptographic accelerator

Individual modules

Trusted Platform Modules (to be delivered)

Our FPGA based Trusted Platform Modules are offered both as IP Core and as a separate chip. We offer two types of TPM:

Regular TPM

Enhanced TPM (offering innovative architecture)

Our services

Crypto Consulting

Thorough risk analysis and full support in being up-to-date with post-quantum cryptography.

Initial Cryptography Audit

Subscribed Crypto-Support

Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) 

Post-quantum cryptography training

Necessary background for no-technical and deeper understanding for technical staff.

Post-quantum cryptography initial course

Post-quantum cryptography extended course