Post-Quantum Cryptography
across industries
Our PQC solutions are engineered for pivotal sectors, ensuring advanced, quantum-safe protection wherever it's needed most
Internet of Things
Empowering the Internet of Things with quantum-resilient security solutions to safeguard connected devices across all sectors
Smart infrastructure
Utilize PQC in infrastructure control systems for secure sensor data transmission and processing
Energy management
Implement PQC in smart grid devices to protect energy usage data and control commands from quantum attacks
Healthcare devices
Ensure patient data privacy and device integrity in medical IoT with PQC, safeguarding against quantum vulnerabilities
Industrial automation
Protect industrial IoT communications and operations with PQC, maintaining system security and data integrity
Information and Communications Technology
Elevating information and communication technologies with advanced protection to ensure data integrity and privacy in a quantum world
Cloud security
Enhance cloud platforms with PQC for quantum-proof data protection
Network encryption devices
Secure data in transit with PQC-enabled encryption devices for network integrity
Embed PQC for quantum-resistant internal network security
Edge computing hardware
Utilize PQC in edge devices for protected local data processing
Smart cards
Integrate PQC in smart cards for unforgeable access control
Mobile network infrastructure
Implement PQC hardware to secure 5G/6G communications against quantum threats
Driving innovation and safety forward by implementing quantum-safe security measures in the automotive industry for tomorrow's vehicles
V2X communication
Secure traffic data with PQC FPGAs for real-time, quantum-safe V2X communication
In-vehicle networks
Encrypt in-vehicle networks with PQC SoCs, protecting control systems
OTA firmware updates
Authenticate OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware securely with PQC hardware, blocking malicious installations
Autonomous driving
Guard autonomous vehicle operations with PQC hardware against quantum threats
Telematics security
Secure user data in infotainment with PQC, ensuring safe connections
Supply chains
Verify automotive component authenticity with PQC hardware for integrity
Military and Space
Fortifying defense and exploration with next-generation security for military and space operations in the age of quantum computing
Secure satellite communication
Authenticating update packages and commands sent to satellites
Encryption of tactical radios
Securing troop communications, ensuring low power use
Vehicle systems security
Safeguarding military vehicle communications and operational data, preserving security even if a vehicle is compromised
Missile defense systems
Real-time secure data exchange in missile defense, prioritizing high-speed, low-latency encryption
Wearable secure communication devices
Leveraging independent FPGAs to develop secure, portable communication wearables for soldiers
Military data centers
Protecting data centers and cloud services, securing sensitive military data.
Identity and access management
Robust digital signature-based access control in secure military environments.
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