Security portfolio for tomorrow
Cutting-edge solutions, from customizable cryptography accelerators and specific IP Core modules to FPGAs with integrated processors, crafted for peak quantum-safe security
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Customizable Cryptography Accelerator
Adaptable to every client's specific needs, with a wide range of configurable options. Explore how we can meet your unique requirements.
Integrated with all NIST PQC standards: Dilithium, Kyber, XMSS, Sphinx+
Extendible by other algorithms, incl. customer’s own
Tuneable performance and size
DPA, timing and SCA resistance
(in progress)
AXI 4 ready
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Individual IP Core modules
All NIST PQC standards included
SHA2 and SHA3 famillies
(to be delivered in H2 2024)
Photo of the Cyclone V FPGA
Cyclone V FPGA
With pre-intergated PQC processor
Comes pre-equipped with a complete NIST PQC cryptography suite
Ensures easy integration into existing systems
Designed for practical proof-of-concept testing in quantum-safe applications
For $15,000 per board
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Post Quantum Cryptography workshops
Unlock the future of cybersecurity with our expert-led workshops, tailored to demystify quantum computing threats and navigate the transition to post-quantum cryptography
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In ResQuant's PQC Workshops, we invite you and your team to delve into the quantum realm, offering a clear, comprehensive understanding of the imminent cybersecurity threats posed by quantum computing. Through our expert-led sessions, you'll gain invaluable insights into the world of post-quantum cryptography, ensuring your organization's defenses remain impenetrable against the quantum revolution.

Our interactive workshops don't just inform—they empower. We'll guide you through identifying critical areas within your infrastructure that will benefit most from PQC, providing a roadmap for integrating these future-proof solutions. Tailored to your organization's unique needs, ResQuant's workshops are the first step towards a fully quantum-safe future. Join us to transform uncertainty into action and secure your operations against tomorrow's threats, today.
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